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Physical Therapy in Dublin, OH

Physical Therapy Services in Dublin, OH

At Centre Chiropractic & Wellness in Dublin, OH, we are excited to announce our partnership with Elevate to bring expert Physical Therapy services to our community. Led by Doctors of Physical Therapy Kenton Keeslar and Kevin Nowacki, our team is dedicated to enhancing your health and well-being. Visit us for comprehensive care tailored to your needs.

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Services offered by Elevate

1-on-1 physical therapy: One of our licensed physical therapists evaluates each patient for 60-90 minutes and assists each patient through a full rehabilitation plan to return them to their desired health level. We offer physical therapy as individual sessions or as part of our package offerings.

Home Exercise Program (HEP): Your HEP is crucial to your recovery. Use our gym equipment to complete your exercises under the supervision of a coach or PT..

Continued Rehab: Even after you recover from your injury you can still access our gym space in order to pursue your health goals with support from our in-house physical therapists’ expert guidance.

Sports Performance Training: Individualized exercise prescriptions/programs based on each patient’s evaluation components.

Personal Training: Individualized exercise prescriptions/programs based on each patient’s evaluation components and goals.

Group Exercise Classes: We offer two types of group exercise classes: 1) mobility (Kinstretch) and 2) “bootcamp” style workouts in order to provide a community feel for health & fitness.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy uses a variety of methods, including exercises and stretches to improve mobility, restore function, reduce pain, and prevent further injury.

What to Expect

Before your first session

We start to craft your individualized exercise program based on your patient evaluation components and goals.

At your session

Discuss your injury with your Physical Therapist (PT) who will perform a number of tests and measurements and develop a plan to help you get back to your desired activity.

Your PT will guide you through your rehabilitative process, give you a number of exercises to perform, and develop your individualized plan.

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Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance as a payment for our services. We believe insurance greatly limits our ability to offer the care we think you deserve. We accept payment in the form of credit/debit, cash, check, HSA, and FSA.

What should I bring to my session?

Some athletic clothing, something to stay hydrated, and some energy ready to get after it!

How many sessions will I have to come for?

This depends on many factors including how significant your injury is, financial situation, and how often you want to come. After an initial evaluation, we collaboratively develop a customized plan that makes the most sense for you! Most clients average 3-12 visits over the course of 4-8 weeks. This may vary depending on your individual situation.

Why do you work out of a gym?

We are transforming the healthcare experience into something that meets the needs of athletes of all levels. If you are a human, we believe you are an athlete and should be treated as such. True healing isn’t done on the treatment table with massage or modalities. Physical therapy is physical, and we’ve got the space and equipment to back that up.

What are your credentials and specialties?

Kenton and Kevin are licensed doctors of physical therapy with extensive sports rehab experience. We specialize in working with athletes of all kinds, specifically the ones who want to become the best versions of themselves. We are both certified functional range conditioning mobility specialists (FRCms) and have a passion for health and longevity.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes! We offer free 15-minute consultations for people curious about our services and to see if we are the right fit. You can book a free consultation here.

What levels of athletes do you work with?

All levels! If you are a human, you are an athlete and we are more than happy to help you get back to what you love. Whether you are preparing for an Iron Man or just trying to play with your kids pain-free, we can and will help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Ready to embark on a path to improved well-being? Take the first step towards a healthier you by scheduling your Physical Therapy appointment today. Whether you're seeking relief from pain, enhanced mobility, or a proactive approach to wellness, our dedicated team is here to guide you on your journey to optimal health.

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