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Fall Sports Spine Wellness Guide: Centre Chiropractic Dublin, OH

September 01, 20234 min read

Participating in fall sports? Learn how to protect your spine with chiropractic care. Dr. Matthew Lundeberg at Centre Chiropractic in Bridge Park, Dublin, OH, can help you stay injury-free.

Fall Sports and Your Spine: A Game Plan for Back-to-School Wellness

Hello and welcome to another season of life's activities and challenges! As the air gets crisp and leaves start to change colors, it’s back-to-school season for kids—or perhaps for you. This also means the kickoff of fall sports: football, soccer, volleyball, and so many others. While these activities are terrific for fitness and team building, they can also put some strain on our bodies, particularly our back and spine.

The Highs and Lows of Fall Sports


Participation in fall sports offers a range of benefits, from improving physical health and coordination to building social skills and self-esteem. However, physical activities often come with their own set of challenges for your body.

Impact Sports: Games like football and soccer are high-impact sports that can put a lot of stress on the spine and joints.

Repetitive Motion: Sports like tennis or golf involve repetitive movements that can lead to muscle imbalance.

Poor Posture: Sometimes, the excitement and fatigue that come with playing a sport can lead to poor posture, which adds unnecessary strain on the back and neck.

Don’t Let Pain Sideline You


Proper Warm-Up: Before you jump into action, make sure to stretch and warm-up adequately. This can significantly reduce the chances of muscle strains and sprains.

Good Posture: Always maintain a good posture, whether you are on the field, at your desk, or even watching TV.

Equipment Check: Make sure you’re using the proper gear, and that it fits well to minimize the risk of injury.

Regular Breaks: Your body needs time to recover. Make sure you rest between games and during practice.

Hydrate: Muscles work best when they’re well-hydrated. Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps and fatigue, so keep that water bottle handy.

Why Regular Chiropractic Visits Are a Good Call


Prevention: Regular chiropractic care can help to identify issues before they become significant problems.

Pain Management: If you’ve already suffered an injury, chiropractic treatment can help to manage and often alleviate pain.

Performance: Believe it or not, regular chiropractic care can actually improve your athletic performance through better alignment and improved nervous system function.

It's much like maintaining a car; regular tune-ups can prevent larger issues down the road.

Time to Make a Move!

The back-to-school season is a busy time for all, but don’t forget to prioritize your health and wellness. If you or your child is participating in fall sports this year, consider booking regular chiropractic visits as part of your game plan. We are here to make sure you’re operating at peak performance all season long.


As you gear up for another exciting season of fall sports, remember that your spine's health is just as crucial as your performance on the field. While these sports offer numerous physical and social benefits, they can also pose challenges to your back and spine, from high-impact tackles to repetitive motions.

The good news is that you don't have to let pain sideline you or compromise your enjoyment of the season. By following the advice of Dr. Matthew Lundeberg and prioritizing your spine's well-being through proper warm-up, good posture, and regular chiropractic visits, you can stay in the game and perform at your best.

Prevention is key, and chiropractic care plays a significant role in identifying and addressing potential issues before they become major problems. Moreover, if you're already dealing with pain or discomfort, chiropractic treatment can offer effective relief and help you get back on the field faster.

Think of it as giving your body a tune-up, ensuring that you're operating at peak performance all season long. So, as you lace up your cleats or pick up that racket, don't forget to include chiropractic care as a vital part of your game plan.

To book your appointment with Dr. Matthew Lundeberg at Centre Chiropractic in Bridge Park, Dublin, OH, give us a call today. Your spine will thank you, and you might just have your best season yet!

Stay active, stay healthy, and make the most of this beautiful fall season!


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Dr. Matthew Lundeberg, DC

Dr. Matthew Lundeberg DC, BS, FAFSA, Dipl Med Ac is a distinguished chiropractor, acupuncturist, and accomplished author dedicated to promoting holistic health and wellness. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Lundeberg's expertise lies in prevention, recovery, and overall well-being. His passion for helping individuals live a healthy, pain-free life is evident in his informative and insightful writings, which provide practical guidance on incorporating chiropractic care, acupuncture, stretching, strengthening, and balancing techniques into daily routines. Dr. Lundeberg's expertise, combined with his compassionate approach, makes him a trusted resource for those seeking evidence-based information and personalized care. Dr. Matthew Lundeberg, DC | Chiropractor | Dublin, OH | Bridge Park

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